I was born and raised in South Coast Massachusetts. Any of you from the area probably know exactly where the picture below was taken.

Over the last few years I have spend time living in Arizona getting my degree in Nutrition (dietetics) at Arizona State University. While out there I took full advantage of the beautiful mountains. I spent my time hiking and rock climbing, in between all of my exams and menu planning exercises.

I absolutely love going on adventures and being outdoors. Getting fresh air and sunshine puts me in the best mood. Below is a picture of my boyfriend and pup at one of our favorite spots in Fairhaven, MA.

When it comes to nutrition I believe we should be eating foods at their most basic forms. Minimally processed foods; free of additives, excess sugar and salt. Most of the foods in our grocery stores are the cause of heart disease, diabetes, IBS, and countless other health issues. We need to treat our bodies right if we expect them to carry us through our daily lives. Remember that what you put in your body determines how it will work. Stick around and learn a thing or two from my articles.

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